Image by Fanny Renaud


Whichever way you choose to feed your baby we can support your journey.

Many women have difficulties with breastfeeding early on and the good news is that most of these can be easily resolved with the right support.

We can also address concerns antenatally if you have conditions that may affect your breastfeeding.

Issues such as sore nipples, mastitis, blocked ducts, low supply, fussing at the breast or balancing breastfeeding with work can all be addressed during our breastfeeding consultations.

During an appointment Lisa and Colleen will hear about the challenges you are having and ideally observe a breast or bottle feed to then give you advice and support for your particular situation. 

We use various strategies to help with breastfeeding issues, including the Gestalt Breastfeeding Approach to help optimise "fit and hold" which will often lead to resolution of many breastfeeding problems.