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When will my baby sleep through the night?

The big question! And it’s different for every baby. ⁠

When we look at the term “sleeping through the night” it means different things to different people. And even means different things in different research studies. Often it refers to a period of approximately 8 hours during which a baby will not call or alert it’s parents during the night. This does not mean they are not waking up - we know babies often rouse during the night and may resettle back to sleep; others will call out to their parents or carers for some attention to help them resettle. All of these babies are normal in terms of their development. Most babies learn to resettle themselves back to sleep at some point during their first or even second year of life. As early as 3 months some babies will be sleeping long blocks overnight quite independently. By 12 months about 50% of babies will be “sleeping through” consistently most nights (more will be doing it on some nights but maybe not quite consistently yet!) and around 90% by the time they are two years old. So don’t worry if your baby still needs some help resettling at night while they are still small. And if you’re worried they are waking too often, or hard to settle back to sleep - book an appointment to see us - there’s a lot we can do to help to make those nights more manageable!

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