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What do I do about a milk bleb?

Milk blebs are also called white spots or milk blisters. They are small white spots at the end of the nipple and can cause a surprising amount of pain for something so small!⁠

They are usually caused by thickened milk or epithelial (skin) overgrowth blocking the duct at the end of the nipple - this could be due to issues with latch or fit and hold.⁠

If it is not cleared it can lead to milk building up behind the blister and this can cause alot of pain!⁠

Sometimes it can be managed quite easily with soaking in some warm water and gently rubbing with a soft face cloth; it may open up when baby feeds and allow the milk to come free and the pain will settle. Some women find using a little olive oil to rub and soften it helps also. ⁠

Sometimes they can be more resistant and take longer to settle - you may need to see a health professional to get the blockage released with a needle, or medications prescribed to prevent it from recurring. ⁠

If you are worried - make sure you see a breastfeeding professional to get some advice!⁠

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