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Does my baby need a nap?

Nap times can be a common source of frustration for parents. Whether it’s worrying if they’re getting enough naps, spending a lot of time trying to get them to nap or worrying because they’ve fallen asleep on the boob instead of in their cot.⁠

The good news is it’s usually not something we really need to worry too much about (easier said than done I know!) ⁠

Most babies will need some day naps throughout the first 2 years of life, though some will stop sleeping during the day a lot earlier than this! How much they need is very variable and will depend on their age, their sleep biology (and we can’t change this!), how tired they are, what else is going on around them and so many other things!⁠

The main thing with day naps is to remember they are just there to take the edge off their sleep pressure and allow them to get back out and enjoy the day. They don’t need to be a certain length or at a certain time and they certainly shouldn’t be hard work! We want to support their circadian clock (important for healthy sleep regulators!) by letting them take their naps in the light and noise of the day when the opportunity arises and they are sleepy and calm enough. This might mean that days naps happen in all sorts of places, not just their cot! ⁠

When your babies’ sleep regulators are healthy and working well, sleep shouldn’t be a battle and we can be confident that our babies will take the day naps they need – meaning you can both get out and make the most of each day!⁠






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